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Wordpress siteurl fix

The script shows your current Wordpress home and siteurl parameters from the wp-options table. It also allows you to change these parameters regardless of whether or not you can currently access your Wordpress. This script is basically an automated implementation of the official Changing The Site URL guide and replaces all options described in that document (modifying wp-config.php or functions.php, using update_option, using RELOCATE in wp-config.php, or using phpMyAdmin to change URLs in the database).

The script will work on any webhost or server.

As an option, the script will also allow you to change all links in the database – it will replace all old links in all posts and comments with new links. This step is optional and the script will ask you whether or not you want to do this.

Supported Wordpress versions

  • Wordpress 2.x, 3.x

How to use

Step 1. Upload wp-siteurl.php into your wordpress root directory (i.e., where you have your index.php)

Step 2. Open wp-siteurl.php in your web browser (www.yourdomain.com/blog/wp-siteurl.php)




This software is released under GPLv3 license.


Initial release

Script will now automatically strip trailing slashes from specified siteurl and home options (per Wordpress documentation).

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